Inspection (Civil, Structural, Tunneling)

BVF Engineering, Inc. staff has experience in projects from the conceptual phase to design and through the completion stage. Construction Management stands out as a staple among BvF’s services. Our team is a full service construction administration and management team, formed to provide construction observation, management services on infrastructure projects such as, Cutoff walls, vertical structures such as; Bridges, Buildings, Tunnels and associated deep shafts excavation, construction machinery commissioning such as TBM, Gantry and Mobile Cranes. Additionally, we are fully capable  to perform   construction inspection,  welding and steel inspection, and materials testing to our clients.  Our Construction Management teams protect the investment clients have made, overseeing all construction stages to ensure quality workmanship and reduce delays.

Our staff performs a wide range of construction management and materials testing services. These services are developed to ensure the project is built per design plans and client specifications. Our team is available to provide construction management and observation services for all disciplines of civil engineering including among other things; traffic interchanges, drainage projects, roadway/utility projects, shotcrete design and testing. At any level of involvement, our team is an important liaison between the client and the contractor. Our team has provided quality Construction Services to clients throughout the DC Metro area and abroad. Our site testing and sampling has been confirming the integrity of construction materials for many years. Whether it’s monitoring a contractor or testing concrete, asphalt, soil, water proofing membrane, settlement evaluation and analysis materials. Materials testing is a standard procedure conducted by our construction management staff and complies with local, federal,  and in some instances international standards ( European and/or British Code). These functions are fulfilled in-house by BVF Engineering staff. Our team of qualified engineers will perform a wide range of testing such as; on-site sampling of sub-grade and aggregate materials, density testing of subgrade and aggregate base material, the review of test reports for compliance with specifications, ready mixed concrete, verify testing is per project specifications and industry standards, and submitting electronic inspection reports with photographs.