Program Management’ Support

Biosolids Management Program, Combined Heat & Power Design-Build

As a DBE Subconsultant to a major consulting firm, BvF is providing program management support services for the Biosolids Management Program (BMP), Combined Heat and Power (CHP) Facility project. As Project Engineer, BvF is responsible in coordinating and working with internal and external members and stakeholders of the BMP to assure that all aspects of the CHP project are understood. BvF is responsible for monitoring the progress of the design effort per the agreed schedule and protecting the design intent and facilitate the Program Management team involvement. BvF is responsible of reviewing drawings, specifications, shop drawings, product data, and other construction documents to confirm compliance with the conceptual design.

In 2008, the DC Water Board of Directors approved the BMP with the goal of developing a more long-term sustainable solids management plan for the 370 mgd Blue Plains Advanced Wastewater Treatment Plant (AWTP). A key driver for the BMP was the ability to: enhance current operations using green solutions that reduced solids production; expand solids disposal options through Class A Biosolids; generate onsite renewable energy; and significantly reduce both the AWTP’s and its resource supplier’s carbon footprints.

The CHP contract is a Design-Build-Operate project which includes gas turbines and heat recovery steam generators to convert the digester gas to heat, electricity, and steam. The CHP will utilize cleaned digester gas and/or natural gas to fire combustion gas turbines to generate electric power to be utilized by the plant. Steam will be generated from capturing the energy from the hot exhaust gases from the turbines.  The scope of the CHP includes the following: Turbine Building located immediately south of the CAMBI process; Digester Gas Siloxane cleaning; Digester gas and natural gas compression; Natural gas/digester gas turbines with duct burners to increase exhaust gas temperatures; Heat recovery steam generator (HRSG); and Back-up boiler to assure continuous supply of steam to CAMBI.