Signing Modifications

Electronic Toll Collection (ETC) Signing Modifications

Selected as a MBE Subconsultant to a major transportation Joint-Venture Team, BvF is responsible for preparing construction documents and standards for the modification of ETC signing approaching the toll plazas at the: Thomas J. Hatem Memorial Bridge and the John F. Kennedy Memorial Highway. The existing signing approaching the ETC lanes includes a variety of messages at different facilities. The proposed modifications will provide a uniform message at all facilities with the ETC logo and the “NO CASH” message to reflect the video tolling option. The existing signing approaching ETC lanes at the above-mentioned MDTA toll facilities will be reviewed and inventoried in the field to determine which locations require modifications. Sign details will be developed for the modified sign messages. Construction documents including plans and cost estimates are being prepared for MDTA’s On-Call contractor.

BvF is responsible for obtaining all available CADD files including existing mapping/survey, right-of-way, pavement markings, sign panels and locations, and preparing Base Plans of existing conditions. BvF is also accountable for conducting a field inventory of existing signing at the toll facilities that require modifications, including weight restriction signing, to verify sign locations, sizes, messages, structures/supports and conditions and modify Base Plans as required. BvF is preparing the Final Review Signing Plans including General Notes and Proposals, Plan Sheets, Guide Sign Messages, Details and Dimensions, Sign Support Details and Signing Quantities; as well as Construction Cost Estimates for each facility.