WWTP ENR and Facility Upgrade

Western Branch WWTP ENR and Facility Upgrade

Selected as a MBE Subconsultant to a major consulting firm, BvF is providing construction management scheduling support services for this $62 million facility upgrade. This project consists of the planning, design, and construction of improvements at the Western Branch WWTP required to rehabilitate aging systems and to continue to meet all the terms of its NPDES discharge permit. Improvements include sludge thickener for waste activation, biosolids-stabilization and storage facilities, a new scum removal system, raw sewage pump station upgrades, additional grit chambers, air blower replacements, HVAC, and electrical upgrades. The project also includes the addition of a Return Activated Sludge pumping station, ENR monitoring and control enhancements, ENR associated electrical upgrades, and waste activated sludge improvements.