Annual Inspection of the Baltimore Harbor Tunnel Toll Plaza and High Mast Towers

Selected as a MBE Subconsultant to a major transportation joint venture, BvF is providing multiple engineering services required under this $15 million contract. Our technical responsibilities include collecting the inventory data, performing the NBIS inspections, preparing all necessary reports, and completing any necessary load ratings, in complete conformance with criteria, policies, and standards established by the Maryland Transportation Authority. Currently, BvF is responsible for the structural inspection of the existing toll facility consisting of 13 toll islands and booths. The toll plaza includes the inspection of the toll canopy and stairwell access passageway from the administration building to the toll booths.  Also, BvF is responsible for the visual inspection of 18 high mast lights located on I-895.

BvF is preparing the inspection reports for the toll plaza facility and high mast towers.