Rehabilitation of the Pennsylvania Avenue Bridge over Rock Creek and the Rock Creek Parkway

As a DBE Subconsultant to a major transportation consulting firm, BvF is providing roadway design and traffic engineering services in the rehabilitation of the existing Pennsylvania Avenue Bridge over Rock Creek, Washington, D.C.  The bridge is on DDOT’s list of structurally deficient bridges and thus, DDOT is undertaking this project to repair structural deficiencies of the existing bridge and increase the service life. The Pennsylvania Avenue Bridge is a simple span reinforced concrete deck arch structure that carries four lanes of two-way traffic over Rock Creek and Rock Creek Parkway.

During the Investigation Phase, BvF conducted a field observation to identify existing sidewalks, curb ramps, underwalk drains, pedestrian crossings, pedestrian refuge areas, bus shelters, and other pedestrian facilities within the District right-of-way that are not in compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act Accessibility Guidelines (ADAAG). BvF made recommendations to address issues and non-ADA compliant features. In addition, BvF collected inventory of the existing low clearance signs on Rock Creek Parkway and trail and prepared a written report with recommendations for modifications to the existing low clearance signs and for new low clearance signs as appropriate.

Currently in the Design Phase, BvF is responsible for the development of construction plans, specifications, cost estimates, construction schedule and other bid documents for the rehabilitation of the Pennsylvania Avenue Bridge superstructure and substructures and reconstruction of the approach roadway. BvF is designing the horizontal and vertical alignment of the approach roadway and is preparing Construction Plans, Profiles, and Cross Sections. BvF is also developing Traffic Control and Traffic Staging Plans for both Pennsylvania Avenue and Rock Creek Parkway. BvF is assisting in the incorporation of innovative and accelerated project development and construction techniques to enhance opportunity for completing the construction on-time, on-budget, and with minimum disruption to the public and to local businesses. BvF is also responsible for the preparation of the Traffic Impact Study report.